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By November 17, 2011 ,

So it’s been a little slow here lately… let’s just say that my success rate as of late hasn’t been the greatest… so here are some things you shouldn’t make, or you should try harder on than me
sometimes i cheated and they flopped
sometimes i improvised and they flopped
sometimes i did just what they told me too and they just weren't that great


It was supposed to be light pretty and fluffy like this image

Capital Grill in The Hermitage Hotel’s Sweet Onion Bisque
Heaven in a Bowl.Chef Tyler Brown's Onion Bisque recipe, I once upon a wonderful time ordered this 3 times in one week at The Capital Grill in The Hermitage Hotel. 
alas I screwed this one up into this gross mess, since leaving a pot on the stove for 8 hours seemed dangerous, we are talking about ME here, so I put them in the crockpot on high, and the onions never got hot enough to caramelize, nor did my blender create a appetizing texture! I will try it again, but I will make it on the stove, or maybe I’ll just leave it to Chef Tyler… [Pin]

Pioneer Woman’s Spaghetti with Artichoke Hearts and Tomatoes
I’ve made this before and liked it, I made it again following the directions a second time but it just wasn’t as good as I remember it, never thickened up.
I made this, I sorta cheated in some parts but even still not impressed. cheesey corn, my two favorite foods together, just did not work.  I can’t even find the recipe, it was some sorta Mexican corn with sour cream, corn, and cheese.

Cooking Lite Classic Pot Roast
This was my fist ever pot roast, I went wrong many ways. [Pin]

  1. I didn’t trim any of the fat off my ALDI roast
  2. I put the veggies in the whole time.
  3. I forgot to let it rest to skim all the fat off the top, so the fat caked leftovers made me wanna puke
  4. I made it with A’s homemade Donkey’s Breath (Kahlua) instead of wine, since our Sherry bottle apparently had Andrew’s special brew in it, and I didn’t notice. I spent the entire time eating it searching for sweet coffee flavor notes.
And since we need something not a failure in this post, I present Dr.Spock kitty, live long and prosper.

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