I have finally discovered the purpose of Forever 21

By December 07, 2011 , ,

I went to the mall do my returns from my Limited purchase extravaganza last month. I decided to stop by Forever 21, where I never shop, to see if any of the Hello Kitty Collection was left. Since Hello Kitty was released November 18th only the lounge stuff was left, and I can't really see myself paying full price for their lack of quality, I did like some of the sweater pieces though and wish I had caught them.

Hello Kitty Junkie did a great post on the Hollywood launch event if you wanna see what they had.

Well on to the point of this post... I went totally Blair Waldorf on the headband collection...
I left with 7 headbands and 1 pair of sequin bow clips for $20 with tax.

I think I'm going to have a new addiction, even better they are ALL comfy headbands, which any Blair gal knows is CRITICAL.

The super huge 80s pink bow just make be a part of a costume this October, hint hint.
Most were around $2 and are made pretty darn nicely, especially the grosgrain wrap ones.

Now I'm just trying to restrain myself from ordering more since the site has EVEN more headbands and free shipping today.

In case you wanna indulge with me...
 Forever 21      Free shipping with code 3DAYSHIP.

ohh and the best part... online you can avoid all the awkward teenage boys they have working in the store..

oh and I found a squirrely for $7.99!!

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