Magnetic Makeup Board

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FINALLY a solution for my makeup, and it's perfect.


(Yes I am almost 24 and still have little girl bows from Talbot’s Kids (RIP) on my barrette ribbon, yes on occasion I’m brave enough to pull one off in public).

When it comes to make up, I'm totally lazy. I have always been. 

No joke, my Mom did my eye shadow for me most every morning of high school. (She's really good at it, I am not, I still miss my personal make up artist)

Well our master bath has no drawers, which is sad.

So basically for the two years we've lived there, I've done my make up from my 3 pallets of multiple shades, since I'm too lazy to dig through my individual shadows.

Enter my solution stolen from the pinterest post that took the world by storm.

I used the Lilly Pulitzer magnetic memo board as my base since I got it at TJ Maxx and it hadn't yet found a home.

I got these magnets from Michael's for $3100_4158100_4159100_4160.49 with my 50% off coupon. Soo glad I wasn't impatient and bought them online, waaay too much $$!

Go ahead and get the super pack, you will use them faster than you think (larger stuff needs 2 or 3) and that way when you buy something new you can magnetize it right away!

The I just went hot glue crazy. What's nice about doing these sorta magnets instead of the the business card sticker, or 'tape' kind is that leaves a gap between the board and the shadow making it easier to 'grab'

A couple things needed a few more magnets.

I thought my pigments were going to require the stronger neodymium magnets, but lots of glue filled the gap for adding a flat magnet to a round object.

If something doesn't work out since it's hot glue you can just sorta pick it apart, great for if you move and your bathroom organization changes.

Overall I'm amazed at how much I had that I forgot about, and love that I can now see everything at a glance.


I have this hanging on my tiny closet door to the left of my sink. I have it on one of the super size 3M command hooks cause this thing is HEAVY and if it falls it's probably going to crack a bunch of your powders and cases, and we can't have that. (But if you do, whip out the rubbing alcohol trick to save it =)


With opening the door (which is fairly often) it would swing quite a bit, so I used some double stick tape to anchor the bottom.

Also if you have a non lame medicine cabinet (aka not mine) that is actually in the wall and is metal you can totally keep your magnetic makeup on the inside of the door, either taking out the shelves or working around the shelves. (To help you work around the shelves you could add a decorative strip, so you know where the 'no zone' is.)

I like this idea better since it's hidden!

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  1. This is an amazing idea!!! And I'm totally using the medicine cabinet thing. You probably just changed my life.

  2. You did it! :) Looks great. Awesome idea with the medicine cabinet... I would do it, but I don't think my mirror/door is big enough to hold all my makeup lol.

  3. Great idea! and great way to use the space and be able to get at what you need. I think you are right that they covered boxes you saw on my blog would work really well to add space for brushes and tubes, etc. Thanks for letting me see your project. :-) Have a great night!