No Pattern 6 AM Baby Bib

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I made this back in October at 6 AM in the morning non the less, and apparently I never blogged it.
Lucy Bib (1)
The 6 AM backstory
Annually the Center for Entrepreneurship at Belmont has a alumni party at my favorite professors’ house, yes my school and it’s professors are amazing. 6 AM the morning of the party I kick myself for not thinking of making a bib for Dr.C’s first granddaughter… so I test my pattern and sewing skills to the extreme with my less than 30 min concept to reality bib, complete with topstitching! (That even looked good!) I even dare say some of speed skills came from my DECA experience with the Entrepreneurial Challenge, haha!
The photos are from the second bib I made since at the party I found out a second grandbaby was on the way, and of course she needed a matching one too!Bib Sewing (1)Bib Sewing (2)Bib Sewing (3)
I really like using the ribbon ties, took a lot of neck sizing guess work out of my speed patterning!
So there you have it record time bibs for Lucy and Eleanor =)

Lucy Bib (2)
Lucy Bib (3)

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