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Hey at least it's slightly less than a month after the fact, and Thanksgiving dinnering totally applies to Christmas dinner too!
I was head chef this year which was tons of fun with my sous chef Momma
The Menu:
Wild rice & Corn Soufflé (A holiday staple, see Easter post for directions)
Stuffing (Box beefed up)

  • I semi-homemade'd the boxed stuffing by sautĂ©ing diced onion in the butter and added dried cranberries, I also made it with double butter, because it's Thanksgiving and you go with it)
Red Mashed potatoes 
  • I mashed them on the stove over low heat in the pot with Mom's immersion blender, which worked really well, except they sorta turned to runny glue... so then we Pyrex'd them and baked them in the toaster oven for a few more hours which cooked off a bunch of the water in them and turned them into twice baked like yummy amazing-ness. 100_4350
Bread - Dad rocked the bread machine with his yummy sourdough
Turkey Breast from Wegmans, it was sooo good. (There were 6 of us for dinner so it was the perfect amount).
Steam in Bag Peas (keeping it real here)
Cranberry sauce (can, keeping it real real)
Gravy =)
Dessert - Dreamy Apple Pie 
We even tried to give Grandma a feather but her hair is too short =(
Yes my dad is a pro feather-er, tehehe.

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