American Girl Apron, Chef Hat, and Oven Mitt

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This post kicks off the beginning of my Christmas craft fest that I finally get to post!
American-Girl-Apron (1)
Andrew’s cousin, Vivi,  is just getting into American Girls so I knew this would be the perfect Christmas gift. Growing up I LOVED American Girl and attempted to sew many American Girl clothes but, sewing skill, attention span, and other factors made execution a little difficult…
So now that I’m a grown up, have slightly better fine motor skill and patience, I’m pretty excited to try and sew some American Girl outfits (they go together easier than people clothes let me tell ya!)  So my deal since I’m 24 and excited to sew doll clothes is I make 1 for me and 1 for Vivi, since the first one of most projects doesn’t turn out super… right?
I made this one with out an American Girl model, but while I was home I brought Karen, my circa 1995 American Girl of Today, to live with me in Nashville to be my “fit model”.
I used this great “Kitchen Set” tutorial from FunThreads where Carol is kind enough to share lots of great patterns!
I followed Carol’s directions closely, and found them super easy to follow.
A few enhancements I made included
American-Girl-Apron (2)
I used a decorative elastic for the straps to make putting it on easier.
Since my white broadcloth was very thin I used a light stabilizer to keep the chef hat puffy.
Also when sewing the hat I  had make the band a little bigger in order to fit around my Brother free arm, so be sure to check that if you have ‘fat arm’.

I lined the oven mitt in flannel to make it more comfy, and just used a little bit of stuffing instead of quilt batting.
American-Girl-Apron (3)
I added a elastic loop inside of the oven mitt to help keep it on and so it can be hung.
This would be great paired with a cookie sheet and some modeling clay cookies!
Look for more American Girl and sewing posts as I learn to use my serger!

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  1. So glad my pattern came in handy:) Thanks for sharing a link to the post.This turned out really super cute.