Bapron and a Diaper Strap

By January 09, 2012 , ,

Look what I created with these two great tutorials!

The Bapron from Craftiness is not Optional 
The Diaper Strap from Calico

Both turned out great and were pretty easy.

The only issue I had was that with the Baporn that I felt the bias tape for the arm holes was a little to narrow even though I cut it to the length it said too, so maybe add two inches, the real mystery there is you can definitely see in her photos that there is more ‘armhole’ in Craftiness is Not Optional’s than there is in mine.

Overall a perfect gift combination and they were pretty quick to put together! I also felt like they were unique items that people don’t already have a million of!

But most importantly the Momma LOVED them!bapron (1)bapron (2)bapron (3)bapron (5)bapron (6)Diaper Velcro Strap (1)Diaper Velcro Strap (3)

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  1. Adorable! I stopped using the skinny bias tape years ago because I had the same issues. No matter how many pins you put in to hold it in place, I still find the skinny skinny stuff hard to keep in place and on the fabric.

    Thanks for the AGD printable- I added it to my blog with a link back to you. Hope that's OK.


  2. Your welcome to use any Alpha Gam or Lilly stuff I create =)
    I'm thinking Lilly squirrel silhouette next!

  3. so cute! You can definitely adjust the length of the bias tape around the arms on the Bapron, I felt like it was too loose on the first few I made so I changed it for the others, and in the tutorial. I think I'll add something about it though, thanks for bringing it to my attention!