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The Tracktor , yes sorta like a Tractor…


The Tracktor is an awesome tool; it graphs the historical prices for items on Amazon and will email you when the price reaches below the number you enter.

You can view the graphs on their website, or make it easier by installing their browser extension, available for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Anyone who’s shopped Amazon, especially the 3rd party has experienced how often prices change, a little bit or a lot.

How I use it:

I set up alerts for tons of things, random stuff I’m interested in, crafting needs, cool tech toys I’m waiting for a deal on. I especially use it when I’m thinking about getting something but the graph tells me a couple weeks ago it was cheaper, since I can live without it until that happens again.

Example:  I nabbed the $40 at Michael’s Pink Scotch ATG gun I’d been eyeing for $12.56 one day using The Tracktor. Here’s a graphic showing all the parts of the browser extension and how to use them.


Also since I’m in Tennessee and have Amazon Prime I get everything in 2-3 days and save the 9.25% TN sales tax (hello instant 10% off essentially). I’m going to be heartbroken in 2014 when Amazon starts collecting sales Tax in TN though.

Up next for the Deal-cademy is getting the most cash back or points on your purchase!

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