Post-its as Organizing Labels

By February 06, 2012

I love a nice crisp Brother P-touch label as much as the next slightly OCD gal. But see labels with adhesive require commitment, and with organizing your needs flux with your stuff. Plus for some surfaces it sticky labels or tags just aren’t a fit.

For these cases especially when a P-touch label would be too small I like to use Post-its written on in a think sharpie, fast easy, bright and to the point. Oh and flexible, oh some space opened up? Slide those things on over and bring the label with ya.

Some post it labeling in various places in my parent’s house.
Denotes what each stack in the drawer has in it, great for table cloths, so you don’t have to shake them out to find out rectangle or circle.
Peeking out from under items in bookcases with doors.
As shelf labels with a simple fold are angled up for easy viewing from above.
Post-it-shelf labelsPost-it-shelf labels-1Post-it-shelf labels-2

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