Favorite Drawer Organizer Jewelry Boxes

By February 17, 2012

My favorite way to organize a drawer is definitely cardboard jewelry boxes.


Let me explain why.

  2. They are Free
  3. They come in tons of sizes.
  4. They are quasi flexible so they can be 'wedged’ in
  5. Who cares if they get messed up, easy to label with just a sharpie

Wasted space in organizers really?

Yes everything plastic has a molded edge creating a ‘gap’ between each container, these gaps can really add up!

Here’s are cardboard boxes in practice. These two drawer are in a dry sink which acts as the ‘in the door’ drop zone for my parents house.

Now all organized it acts as purse stuff and general household organizer.

Cardboard-Box-Organizers Cardboard-Box-Organizers-1
In this bottom photo I alternated low and high side boxes giving me more ‘deep' boxes’ to fit my needs.

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