Leap Day LAUNCH Day for Hello Organized

By February 29, 2012 , ,

I’m super excited to announce the launch of my latest venture Hello Organized.leap-day-launch-day Hello Organized offers Professional Organizing services to the greater Nashville area. I hope if your tackling organizational problems this spring and are in the area that you’ll think of me. Nowhere close to Nashville? I am also using my graphic design and web design skills in Hello Organized. So think of me for your next project, I even do invitation design! 

I would LOVE it if you’d Like Hello Organized on Facebook, and follow @HelloOrganized on Twitter I promise you lots of great organizing tips!

This is a lot different than my last business… so wish me luck.

IMAG0450My circa 5th Grade Beanie Baby accessory business catalog.

Oh and no worries, organizing posts will still be here on Hello Kirsti, there will just be more of them and they’ll be cross posted with the Hello Organized Blog.

P.S. Have you noticed an obsession with Hello ___. What can I say think it’s cute, and fitting. I even have a business plan for a cupcakery called Hello Cupcake…

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