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By March 03, 2012

Kirstin_Long-1I just updated my about page, a major upgrade, since before I didn't have anything but lists!!!! So here it is, hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Hey there!!

I'm Kirstin, and I'm slightly obsessed with Hello Kitty, so much so my friends started to call me Hello Kirsti, and it stuck! I live in lovely Nashville with my boyfriend Andrew and our tuxedo kitty cat, Pepper

I'm 24 and like most 24 year old's I'm still trying to figure out life, go figure...

Copy of DSCF7567-1I grew up in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area and I've resided in Columbia, Montgomery Village, and Boyds, Maryland if you're familiar with the area... My favorite hobbies included horseback riding (Dressage) and competitive figure skating. I graduated from tiny Poolesville High School and promptly moved to Nashville, Tennessee to start my Southern adventure!

In Nashville I attended Belmont University, known for their Music Business program. I however chose Belmont for their top ranked Entrepreneurship Program, perfect for the gal who grew up in a family business. I also discovered a passion for Marketing ended up adding a second major in Marketing as well. In fall of 2006 I became a member of the most amazing group of women who truly shaped my college experience, Alpha Gamma Delta International Fraternity. While in school I juggled sorority events, maintaining Dean's List, and Delta Epsilon Chi competitions (now called Collegiate DECA), oh and Junior year I met the love of my life.
August of 2010 I graduated Cum Laude from Belmont, and decided to stay in Nashville. I've been trying to figure out this whole 'grown up' thing ever since. I hope you'll join me in my adventures in grown-up-dom as I document them on Hello Kirsti.  (Be sure to check out my DIY Graduation Announcements too!)GEDC0300

What I love to Blog About and my background in those areas.

Deep-Dish-Pizza (4) Cooking: I'm still learning, and have only been willing to touch raw meat for two years now (oooh soo proud!). I have so much more to learn but luckily Andrew is willing to partner with me on my cooking and baking escapades. (Provided they do not involve large amounts of tomato sauces or soups).  When you see that I've completed a recipe successfully you can rest assured at any novice can have similar results.
Crafting: There's a crafty gene in my family, my Mom sewed all my figure skating costumes, my Oma (German for Grandma) knits the most amazing sweaters. I've been sewing and crafting in a variety of areas my whole life. I'm still a novice sewer, but now that I'm a 'grown-up' with a bit more patience, planning, and common sense I've really rediscovered my love and I'm working to improve my skills.

I'm always looking for new organizing ideas for my professional organizing business Hello Organized. I love to share my favorite methods and ideas here on Hello Kirsti. Be sure to follow my Organizing Pinboard on Pinterest as well!

dealcademy copy
From my mom and my Oma I'll also inherited my 'deal-hunting' spidey sense. After explaining to friends how I find such deals I've documented my methods in a ever growing series of posts.

Hints from Hello Kirsti:
Did you ever read Hints from Heloise as a kid? ohh I guess that was just me... I enjoyed her column more than the comics, even at age 10. In my circle of friends I'm definitely the tipster. I a background in, an opinion, a tip, or an idea for just about anything, and my "Hints from Hello Kirsti" posts let me do just that. As I test new tips, as I discover good ways of doing things, and all the things that come with making a house a home I share in these posts.
Tech & Graphic Design:  I’m a computer dork. I admit. I’ve been building computers since I was 6 and have done a little bit of everything in the field at some point. I offer graphic and web design services through my business Hello Organized.

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