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By March 15, 2012 ,

The lovely Mrs. Smith tagged me in 11 questions, and these are always fun, so join in.

I like Mrs. Smith am going to ‘break the rules’ and answer the questions I think have the most interesting answers.

1. Favorite concert?

Easy peasy while in Vegas in February I saw George Strait at the MGM Grand. Amazing concert, he did over 60 songs! If you ever have the chance to see him go! It was worth every penny.

[Megazoom Camera Love]

2. What is your favorite book of all time?

Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella, for what it was for me at the time I read it, it was my grand entrée into the world of chick lit. I am still bitter about the movie. Once upon a time I had a fan site called Shopaholic Life with fashion news and a list of all the places Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood shopped.
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3. What do you do for work, or if you’re not comfortable sharing on the internets, what is the industry in which you work?

I get you organized, build you a beautiful website, and make you pretty invites.

4. Did you go Greek in college? If so, which house?

Alpha Gamma Delta, Best decision of my college career after picking Belmont. Mrs. Smith is my big =)

5. Sweet or salty?

Alternation is key, my favorite method, Popcornopolis Zebra popcorn. I love it sooo much I dragged my parents into the dungeon that is Excaliber in Vegas so I could get some! (Popcornopolis is available seasonally at Costco, sooo good!)

ME and my Zebra corn, totally worth going into Excalibur for

6. What is your favorite flower?

I love me some Lilies from my sweetie


6. Princess Z inspired question... did you have an American Girl doll as a child?

I had Kirsten of course! I also have Karen an American Girl of today. My favorite childhood memories stem from my American Girls and I CAN’T believe they have retired Kirsten, Samantha, and Felicity.
American-Girl-Pink-Lilly-Bubble-Skirt (3)

Karen is currently serving as my model in my shop full of cute preppy American Girl clothes.

7. What were your childhood activities?

First half I was a competitive Figure Skater, second half I did English Horseback Riding mainly Dressage.

oma book-11IMG_2346

8.What kind of shampoo & conditioner are you using right now?

TRESsemme Deep Cleansing and their Naturals Moisture Conditioner.

9. What is your favorite quote?
A silly throw back to number 2, this lived on my ‘binder’ for a long time!


10. What are your top 3 favorite places to visit?

1. I LOVE Charleston, and almost went to school there with Bestie.
2. I’ve been to Martha’s Vineyard a few times and love the quaintness.  (Read posts from my last trip here).
3.  Vegas is always a fun place to be…

11. How do you drink your coffee, and when did you start?

I love me some Columbian with 1 splenda, I started like most people in college, but it wasn’t until I met coffee addict Andrew that I really gained my addiction. He does have a 12 cupper in his cube…

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