Sunny Seat Cat Cushion Tutorial

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Pepper loves her Sunny Seat Suction Cup Cat Perch, but she hasn’t always…Sunny-Seat-Cat-Cushion (20)
See it comes with an icky nylon hammock, and Princess Pepper strongly prefers polar fleece. The cat is obsessed, I don’t even know how she can tell what she’s laying on with all that fur, but the key to her loving on you is to have a fleece blankie on your lap.
The Sunny Seat people wanted $18 for a faux sheepskin cover, and that wasn’t going to happen, so I give you my version. I love the hammock for $18 since it’s no holes in the wall, but not for a cushion!

Sunny-Seat-Cat-Cushion (1)Sunny-Seat-Cat-Cushion (2)Sunny-Seat-Cat-Cushion (3)Sunny-Seat-Cat-Cushion (4)Sunny-Seat-Cat-Cushion (5)Sunny-Seat-Cat-Cushion (6)Sunny-Seat-Cat-Cushion (7)Sunny-Seat-Cat-Cushion (8)Sunny-Seat-Cat-Cushion (9)
Sunny-Seat-Cat-Cushion (10)

P.S. The cat has barely left her Sunny Seat since I made this.
Sunny-Seat-Cat-Cushion (23)

This post is partying it up, here!

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  1. What a cute little spot just for her! My cat has taken over my son's changing pad because it's the perfect perch to look out at the birds in the tree. He needs one of these!

  2. this is so great! i am sure your cat loooves this, as mine also loves having a way to look out over everything. i feel so bad-for months we were storing our new vanity in the sunroom (in a box) and she was always up there on it. i owe it to her to find an alernative!

  3. Awwww, they are little sun worshipers. For the money and simplicity I really recommend the Sunny Seat if it fits your windows, since it's super temporary when you have people over you can just pop it off and hide it.

  4. I totally love your idea on the Sunny Seat home made cushion I'm so totally gonna try this, I got to thinking after I opened the package up and put it together and felt the cloth that comes with it, wow, this isn't too comfy so for now I've stuck a white hand towel on there until I can get a cushion thank you so much for sharing this I'll have to give it a try. I bought the Sunny Seat for my 11wk old kitten and she adores it, she was always jumping onto what little window ledge we have here and were 6 floors up, she loves to look out and watch the birds and people and cars go by..I recommend this product highly, and will also tell everyone I know about the product and also how to make this home made cushion for it =) thanks again =)