American Girl Fleece Outfit

By March 22, 2012 ,

Before winter says TTFN I better share this cute outfit I made for A’s cousin’s American Girl doll. The trim of the skirt is from a cheapy Ikea fleece blanket I had bought years ago for crafting.
This project was also a great serger practice exercise, that circle was challenging!
American-Girl-Fleece-Cape-Skirt (1)American-Girl-Fleece-Cape-Skirt (2)American-Girl-Fleece-Cape-Skirt (4)American-Girl-Fleece-Outfit (8)
Testing fit of the skirt. I used the elastic foot for my serger on this skirt, since folding over was too bulky.
 American-Girl-Fleece-Outfit (15)
Carefully serging the circle without ‘falling off the edge’
American-Girl-Fleece-Outfit (19)
The clasp is two stacked buttons and a button hole.

American-Girl-Fleece-Outfit (22)

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