Preppy Sippy Cup Leash Tutorial

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Preppy-Cup-Leash-Tutorial (21)

First off what is this thing? Here’s an example.

Preppy-Cup-Leash-Tutorial (10)Preppy-Cup-Leash-Tutorial (8)
1.5” inch preppy ribbon
Two D rings
Rubbery Foam Shelf Liner


The best way to make this is to your needs as far as length and such, so grab, your cup, and what you’re anchoring too and ‘test’ everything out before you sew.
Preppy-Cup-Leash-Tutorial (19)Preppy-Cup-Leash-Tutorial (1)
Basically sew a Box from the bottom of your loop to the D-rings and back, reinforcing the stitches at both ends for strength by doing two passes.
Now you’re going to sew on the shelf liner, but since we’re doing many rows of stitching to secure it sew through only one layer of the ribbon.
Test against your sample cup size to determine how much ‘gripy’ you need'.
Preppy-Cup-Leash-Tutorial (15)
Preppy-Cup-Leash-Tutorial (8)
Preppy-Cup-Leash-Tutorial (4)Preppy-Cup-Leash-Tutorial (6)
One you’ve sewn on your shelf liner, now stitch both layers of ribbon together, then sew the end shut.Preppy-Cup-Leash-Tutorial (12)Preppy-Cup-Leash-Tutorial (27)
This post is partying it up, here!

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