Custom Over the Door Organizers Tutorial

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  • Heavy Weight Shower Curtain or purchased vinyl (I got mine at Aldi, the PVC free one’s I’ve seen in stores do not seem strong enough to me).
  • Double Needle
  • Lots of thread
  • 3M Command Hooks
Note: I made both organizers and all the pockets from 1 shower curtain.
Another Idea: If you don’t want to make your whole door hanger I have also used this technique to ‘add on’ pockets to a short store bought one.
Shower-Curtain-Over-The-Door-Organizer (1)
Layout your Shower Curtain.
Carefully Cut your 'backer' vinyl to the width suitable to  your door. You could also use a heavy weight fabric. Then cut to appropriate length. (What I love about this is I can make it almost the full length of the door, all the one’s you can buy are soo short!) Be sure to position so you can reuse the shower hook grommets.
Shower-Curtain-Over-The-Door-Organizer (3)
Folding the vinyl makes it much easier to cut, be sure to use your ‘craft’ rotary cutter, or an old blade, not your ‘fabric’ one.

Shower-Curtain-Over-The-Door-Organizer (2)
Using a Teflon foot (or scotch tape on the bottom of your foot) and a double needle with a longish stitch length you can stitch your pockets to the ‘blacker’. Create ‘depth’ to your pockets by adding pleats.
(If you do not have a double needle you should be able to wide and long ziz-zag stitch to achieve almost the equal strength).
Stitch the bottom of your pocket, pleating as needed to create pockets.
After you have stitched across the bottom, then stitch up to create the pockets. Be careful not to catch the pleats.
Shower-Curtain-Over-The-Door-Organizer (7)
It is difficult to manage the length of door hanger, so I used rolling and tape to keep it from being too hard.
Shower-Curtain-Over-The-Door-Organizer (8)Shower-Curtain-Over-The-Door-Organizer (11)
The finished product, I had lots of different pocket sizes, some with pleats, some flat.
Since I lacked the over the door hangers, I used 3 of the larger 3M command hooks.
It’s a long process, and its not perfect, but once it’s all full, you can’t tell how crooked it is!
Here it is all loaded up with notions! This works soo much better than my old plastic shoeboxes where things got buried.
I loved my craft room organizer so much I made one for my awkward half door closet between my kitchen and living room.  This closet is so much more useful now! I use it for all my random ‘purse’ stuff.
Shower-Curtain-Over-The-Door-Organizer (12)
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  1. This is fabulous! I pinned it and will be featuring it at the Weekend Warrior this weekend!


  2. What a great idea! I can even see making one for my classroom!

    1. These would be great for classroom stuff, everything separate and easy to see vs. getting lost in a too big shoe size pocket. I've actually even used this idea to add an 'extension' to a short store bought organizer.

  3. This is just a wonderful idea. My wife and I are really going to benefit from this. She has troubles regarding her make-up stuffs while I have problems with my tools and other carpentry materials. This will certainly help us to get thing more organized. Thank you for sharing this.