American Girl Clown Costume

By June 22, 2012 , ,

When I was home, I did some digging in my Mom’s craft room for patterns and fabrics. I found an American Girl pattern that had the potential to be super cute with the right fabric choices. (The pattern is Doll Emporium Pattern Co. DE 601  All American Dress-Up Fun, which is no longer in business, but I found them for list price on eBay).
I went with a pink costume satin and rickrack trim, I think going with one color instead of two make it less creepy. I used gathered ribbon as the neck ruffle and secured it with a button. For the hat I added jingle bells to the ends. 
I think it turned out pretty cute since it was the first time I' had sewn with a tricky fabric in a LONG time. The insides were a mess since I totally forgot to “add” the serging step to the directions.  

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