Future Mrs. Bridal Sash Tutorial

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I used a satin remnant for my sash so I was working with the length of that. I ended up cutting the front and back from a single piece, complete with the needed ‘angle’ for the shoulder. I made this one about 6” wide, but next time I would go skinnier. Come up with you needed length based on the size of recipient and the amount of overlap you want, determine this by testing with a wide ribbon.


Prep your lettering satin by adding Heat n Bond Lite Sewable, then using a foam brush paint the fabric with the Plaid Stiffy Fabric Stiffener, and let dry. If you’re using a Cricut to cut, remove the backing paper, apply fabric to a very sticky Cricut Mat, tape edges with blue tape, and cut with a blade dedicated to fabric.

The font I used was simple Arial Rounded, also go ahead and cut a small extra shape for practice. I went with 3.5” letters after testing the sizing by cutting some construction paper.

If you’re not using a craft cutter, then you’re going to trace your shapes to the backing paper of the Heat n Bond, and then carefully cut them out, the stiffener will make it much easier!


See how nice all that prep helps your Cricut cut!


Layout your letters, use a disappearing ink or chalk to make sure it’s nice and straight, then using a press cloth (so the letters don’t shift on you) iron on per package.


Also iron on your practice applique to scrap to test your sewing options, I tested a straight stitch, blanket, and zig-zag. I went with the zig-zag since I had so many letters and it was easier for me to stay even with.


Zig-zag your way around all those letters reminding yourself how much you love the Bride, and how awesome it’s going to be for the party, and how it will be an heirloom. Think about how someday you’re going to tell her daughter just how looooooong it took to zig-zag all that… Once finished be super impressed with how you never messed it up.


Those hearts were super tricky!


Pin your lining to your wedding satin right sides together, I ended up sewing a bit of the lining as a border to the bottom to get a few more inches of length.


Sew the lining, leaving a place to turn it.


Turn and press.


I also cut out an ‘Almost’ with the cricut, and then just used some tacking stitches to attach it, that way she can be a pageant queen for Halloween or something. If you’re not using a cricut, you could do the same thing by pining some scrapbooking paper with ‘Almost’ to the sash.


I also cut out a heart and a K to add as my signature, to the inside =)

The ‘clasp’ was just a safety pin, made cute with heart.

Be sure to also checkout my posts on the: Bridal Shower, Lilly Pulitzer Party Printables, & Bachelorette Party Dress Up Veils Tutorial.

This post is partying here. 

A few pics from the night too: Bachelorette-Party-Decorations

Bridesmaid Kelly’s awesome goodies.



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  1. Fabulous!!! Just keep repeating "I love the bride. I love the bride" this weekend. LOL. Can't wait to see you!!!!

  2. AWESOME tutorial. Perfect timing since my cousin is getting married. I would love for you to share this at my link party.

    Hope to see you there.


  3. Seriously so cute and such a great craft! Love the tutorial too! Thanks for sharing and I am a new follower!
    Hope you had a great day!