American Girl Crinoline Tutorial

By July 25, 2012 ,

American-Girl-Crinoline-002 American-Girl-Crinoline-003
When I converted our bedskirt into being a velcro bed skirt I ended up with a queen size bed’s worth of see through silky lining fabric. I’m been slowing whittling it down as I use it inside projects, but this idea was perfect!
Here’s how I did it.

  • Lots of lining fabric scraps
  • Elastic
  • Serger
  • Sewing Machine
1. Cut 1 2.75” tall, and 2 3.5” wide strips the length of your fabric. Finished these will be 2.5” and 3” tall.AG-Crinoline
2. Do a narrow rolled hem all sides of the strip.AG-Crinoline-001
3. Use a ruffler foot to gather the top edge into a ruffle.  (If you don’t have a ruffler you can just do traditional gathering).
4. Create a simple tube skirt the length you’re wanting plus 1” to make a casing for elastic. You’ll want the skirt to be pretty form fitting since you’ll be adding fullness to it.  Mine was cut 19” by 6.5”
5. Roll hem the top and bottom,
6. Sew the ruffles onto the skirt, starting with the bottom ruffle, hanging past the hem.AG-Crinoline-002
7. Repeat with next to two rows of ruffles. Use the 2.5” ruffle as the top one.
8. Fold over your extra inch of skirt length and create a elastic casing.
9. Sew the back seam to make a skirt.
10.  Thread your elastic and pop under your favorite dress or skirt.
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