Baby Dress & Bloomers

By July 11, 2012 ,

Yes, I did make a baby dress. No! Not a single person I know are expecting a little girl anytime soon.

So I put it on my cat.


Well… the real story is I saw the awesome free Criss Cross Baby Dress and Matching Bloomers freebie pattern over at one of my fav’s Melly Sews, and it was so cute and fast I HAD to make one…
Melly did a great tutorial, but we all have our favorite methods and tweaks we love to do, so I thought I’d share my little changes.

Since Pepper wasn’t exactly the happy model, we’ll now using Pooh and Boo.


On the dress I completely followed the directions, apart from the fasteners, it was hard to tell but I think Melly used snaps on her dress.


I wanted to make the dress fully reversible so made button holes on the straps, and then I hand sewed on back to back buttons, I wrapped floss around the thread to make enough of a ‘gap’ to be able to get the straps under the buttons.

Bloomers on Boo

Criss-Cross-Baby-Dress-&-Bloomers-006Since I have a serger my technique on the bloomers was a little different.
I altered the pattern by changing it into a two piece rather than 1 since I was working with remnant. You can do the same by cutting the pattern in the middle and adding a small seam allowance.
Stitching it back into 1 big piece was my first step.
For the ruffles rather than making tubes like Melly, I rolled hem serged some strips, gathered them, then sewed them one before constructing the bloomer.
Then I serged the leg hole edges.
Then I serged the sides together
Then I serged the waist band edges.
Then rather than ‘double folding’ the casing I single folded it to make the casement for the elastic, since this isn’t sized I left my casing open so I can later adjust it.

(Cute fact, this fabric is from my Oma’s fabric stash =)

This was a great quick project to add to my baby shower repertoire, I hope my methods along with Melly’s encourage you to stitch some up!

This post is partying here.

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  1. Good job! I did the ruffles that way on my bloomers in the original post as well, but when it came time for the tutorial I assumed not everyone had a serger, hence the tubes.

  2. I need some of these adorable bloomers for my girl!

  3. What a fun blog!

    Newest GFC follower from Keeping it Simple. I am hosting Mom's Monday Mingle now. Love for you to link up! Have over 170 moms blogs. Great place to network. Hope to see you there!

  4. That outfit and fabric are just toooo cute!

    1. Thank you Carol, the fabric was nabbed from my grandmother's stash over Christmas, I'm pretty sure I have something she made me in it somewhere as well. "Someday" it will be a very special little outfit =)

  5. WOW this is nice and look at the cat wearing this.I think she is also happy to wear this.Very nice job.