Snowman Applique Tutorial & Pattern

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Easy-Snowman-Applique (4)

When I made Fun Thread’s Mr. October I knew that I wanted to make the hanging reversible, since I was working with a rectangle I didn’t think that a turkey design would work out, so I came up with a snowman design, it went off without a hitch thanks to the skills I learned in Mr.October. Want to make your own? I’ve done a full tutorial complete with pattern for you!


  • Pattern: Download the FREE tracing pattern here.
  • Backing fabric: cut to 23” x 13.5”
  • White Fabric “Snow” 4.5” x 13.5”  I freehanded the snow drifts.
  • Scraps for Hat, body, scarf, arms.
  • Embroidery Floss
  • Buttons
  • Whatever border you want, I used 1.5” grosgrain ribbon.



Print out the FREE pattern and then trace it on to Heat n Bond Lite (if you want to sew around your pieces like I did in Mr. October) or Heat n Bond Ultra Hold like I’m doing here.  Then roughly cut out the pieces.


Dig through your scrap collection for the perfect hat, nose, and scarf fabrics. Then iron your roughly cut Heat n Bond Ultra Hold pattern pieces onto the wrong side of the fabric.  Let cool then carefully cut out the pieces following your traced line.


Take your White Fabric “Snow” 4.5” x 13.5” piece and cut ‘snow drifts along the top.

Sew the snow drifts on top of the bottom of your Backing fabric (23” x 13.5” ) (I chose to cut away the covered up backing fabric since it was showing through the white snow). The I sewed 5 rows of wiggle stitches following the curves to give the snow drifts some texture.

Remove the white paper backing from your snowman pieces, then layout the pieces on the backing deciding where you want everything. If you want to add embroidery floss accents to any of the pieces now is the easiest time. I added fringe to the bottom of the scarf by double knotting short pieces. I blanket stitched around the top hat. I whip stitched around the carrot noise. I added decorative stitching to the hat band as well.

Once you’re done decorative stitching lay out the pieces again and using a piece of parchment paper or a press cloth (helps keep things from moving on you) iron all the pieces to the backing fabric.

on your button eyes and button mouth using embroidery floss.


I placed the finished snowman on top of the finished Mr. October right sides together, then Squared the pieces so they were the same size.


I chose sandwich ribbon in my seam for my border. So I laid out the ribbon to figure out roughly how much I needed.


Then I pined the two pieces together sandwiching the ribbon.


I then sewed the Snowman-Ribbon-Mr.October together on all sides but the top (so a U)  with a 1/4” seam using a walking foot to keep all the layers together. (optional)


Through the top opening I turned the piece right side out.

I then pressed them nice and crisp.

Using two pieces of ribbon the width of the hanging I created a casing for hanging. I first sewed the two pieces of ribbon together at the top (the red dots in the photo). The I sewed that to the top of the hanging even with side ribbon. This left a casing that runs the whole length of the top.

Easy-Snowman-Applique (1)

I threaded some leather cord through the casing then since I couldn’t find a dowel I stuck two skewers in to keep it flat.

Then you’re done, enjoy your snowman!

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