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IMG_1147Hey there Hello Kirsti readers. I’m “bestie”---Kirsti’s much less tech-savvy, crafty-recently married-teacher, best friend.

Recently my husband and I moved from a large 3 bedroom townhouse to a tiny 1 bedroom apartment while we search for the perfect place to call home. Due to the tight quarters, my craftiness and supplies have been pretty limited. But as all true crafters know, when the craft-bug hits you, you cannot control it. So I’ve now ventured into the techie-craft of typography.

Typography is basically fancy arrangements of fonts and lettering to create something. I used Inkscape, which is FREE!!! And it’s pretty easy to use too! You can get a copy of Inkscape for your computer from Inkscape.org. (Kirsti note: Inkscape is prefect for prepping files for cutting with your Silhouette or Cricut as well!)

Since I recently got married, I wanted to make a little something with the vows my husband and I wrote for each other. This way we could display them in frames in our new house.
(Becca & Kirstin at Becca’s Lilly Bridal Shower)

vows black and pinkVows Pink

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  1. Y'all are adorable in your pretty Lillys!


  2. Oh, I love it! My husband and I have been married for 26 years! -Marci

  3. Such fun typography design and love the sentiment. Thanks for sharing on beColorful