Seat Back Toy Pouch Tutorial

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I pinned a car seatback toy pouch on my Cute Things for Little Peoples Pinterest board and got some interest from a friend, a couple days later and a few hours of experimenting I came up with this simple to make version.
Contain your car clutter by making a seat back toy pouch, it’s even reversible! The best part is the strap makes it very easy to convert the pouch into a tote, perfect for keeping little one's occupied at your destination.
Sewing not your thing? You can purchase a custom toy pouch in my shop.
Finished size 12” wide and 13” tall.
  • Contrasting Cotton Fabric 12.5” x 14”
  • Clear Vinyl 18” x 13.5”
  • 16” Bias Tape
  • 19.5” Ribbon
  • Pellon Craft Fuse (Stiff interfacing) 12.5” x 14”
  • 1 Suspender Clip 
  • Double Needle
  • Thread
Cut all 3 pieces and your Pellon Craft Fuse. The two fabrics & craft fuse will be cut 12.5” wide and 14” tall.  The vinyl is cut 18” x 13.5” (Vinyl needs generous seam allowances). Once done cutting following the fusible’s directions attach the craft fuse to the the back of one of the fabrics. (I fused mine to the denim). 
Prep your machine for sewing with a double needle, when doing small projects I use a second bobbin as my “second spool.” When sewing vinyl you HAVE to use a double needle or your seams will rip right out.

Sew bias tape around the top edge of the vinyl. When sewing with vinyl use clips instead of pins so you don’t poke holes in it.

Layer your pieces right sides together. Bottom is denim with the Pellon Craft Fuse. Then add your vinyl, create two pleats to make the vinyl width match the fabric with a 1/4” sticking out. (The vinyl has a 1/2” seam allowance. The fabric has a 1/4” seam allowance").   Top with your contrast fabric, and clip.
Sew along the 3 sides with a 1/4” seam allowance with a double needle. Clip corners.

Turn, you can very very carefully press, inside the ‘pocket’ if you must. (You can ‘reverse’ the pouch by switching which side you turn the vinyl to).

Fold under the extra 1” of fabric on the top opening and press carefully. Take the end of your ribbon and sandwich it within the seam on one end. Stitch the top closed with the double needle.

Sew your suspender clip onto the other end of the ribbon, creating a strap that can go around the headrest of the car. (These clips are much stronger than you think!)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you make one I’d LOVE to see it, comment with a link, Facebook, or email me! And if anything is unclear, PLEASE ask!

Sewing not your thing? You can purchase a custom toy pouch in my shop.
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