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I hope everyone had a great weekend. This weekend I got to introduce Andrew to some of my favorite old movies. We started off with Hitchcock classics Rear Window, follow by The Man Who Knew Too Much on Saturday, then Sunday we watched a more recent one The Straight Story. If you’ve missed out on any of those, I highly highly recommend them all!

rear-window 220px-The_Man_Who_Knew_Too_Much_(1956_film) thestraightstory
Ever since I watched The Man Who Knew Too Much for the first time back in high school, Doris Day singing Que Sera, Sera has been a favorite “it’s all gonna be ok song.”
I’m not a huge lyric d├ęcor person, but after watching the movie I was like hmmm, this would be something to make a print of, so I did!Que-Sera-Sera-Doris-Day-Printable-Hello-Kirsti-8x10
I’ve got two sizes for you, and one with a transparent background incase you want to do your own background. The background I used is a high resolution scan from an old airmail letter which pays homage to the travels of the McKenna family in The Man Who Knew Too Much.
Download Full Resolution Copies (Click link then ‘Right Click – Save File As’)
8.5” x 11” Printable
8” x 10” Printable
No Background 8” x 10” Printable

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  1. Totes unrelated to this post. But I'm going to Target and buying that squirrel wallet ASAP. I need it.