Molly’s School Blouse Doll Sew-a-long

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Molly's-School-Blouse-American-Girl-TutorialThis is made from one of the original patterns released by Pleasant Company, they have since been discontinued, but you can download a printable version at AG Play Things, they print out well, I chose to just print the pattern pages, and read the directions on my ipad.

Material Choice: I used a nice light stretch poplin, it was perfect for creating a nice crisp little shirt that isn’t too see through.

The following are my notes that correspond to the pattern directions.

2. Folding the Placket : This step is pretty confusing, but think of it as creating a little ‘tuck’ in the fabric to create a ‘faux’ button front top.

3. Sewing Shoulder Seams:  Straight forward, I used a rolled hem on my serger.

4. Preparing the Collar: This step is kind of confusing. I sandwiched my lace between the right sides of the fabric, the sewed along the edge, then turned right side out, pushed out the corners, and top stitched.

5. Attaching the Collar to the Shirt:  I chose to serge the collar on to the neckline. Then I pressed the seam to the inside of the shirt. I then top stitched it into place so it would lay flat. As shown in the photos below.

6. Preparing the Sleeves: 

A. Gather the top and bottom of the sleeve with basting stitches.Molly's-School-Blouse-003

B. Encase the Sleeve in the double fold cuff (Just like in Kirsten’s School Dress)

C. I skipped the arm lace since the puffy sleeves already had a lot going on.

D. Serge both sides of the sleeve.Molly's-School-Blouse-004Molly's-School-Blouse-005

E. Attach small pieces of Velcro using the fold back method. (Just like in Kirsten’s School Dress)

7. Attach Sleeve to the Bodice:

Adjust the gathers to match the the bodice, and sew carefully.

8. Stitch the Underarm Seam: Molly's-School-Blouse-006

Stitch to the dot so you don’t sew your Velcro shut.

9 & 10. Attaching the Cuff Velcro: I move these steps into step 6 since it’s way easier to work with a unassembled sleeve.

11 & 12. Attaching the Back Velcro:  I like to use a single piece of 3/4” Velcro cut in half lengthwise. It’s the perfect amount of stick. Again you’re going to use the ‘fold back method’ to attach the Velcro like in Kirsten’s School Dress.


13. Finishing the bottom: Press and sew a narrow bottom seam.

Completed right side and inside out photos.


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    1. Thank you!! This was the project where I was like whoa I'm getting pretty good at this teeny tiny sewing!