Laminate Dresser Update

By February 25, 2013 , ,

I saw GlueSticks paint a laminate night stand cute bright blue, and got to thinking….

Andrew has an old dresser that has seen better days, it fit our bedroom well, and I wanted to test out the idea of grey dressers in our bedroom. Perfecto.

I read, GlueStick’s post, and the post she used from Centsational Girl, I also remembered this pin on Floetrol to reduce brush strokes and added it to my game plan.

The top had some water damage, so we sanded just that part smooth.Painting-laminate-furniture (2)

Then I wiped it down really well with a tac cloth.Painting-laminate-furniture (4)

Then I primered it with two coats of oil based primer. (I used Zinsser Cover Stain)

Painting-laminate-furniture (7)

Brush Tip: Use your workbench vice to hold your paint brush while you saran wrap it between coats =)Painting-laminate-furniture (6)

Then the fun part, painting your color. Mine is Behr “Fashion Grey” in Satin. I mixed a little Floetrol directly into my paint cup rather than the can. Painting-Laminate

Painting-laminate-furniture (8)Painting-laminate-furniture (9)

Getting a super smooth finish isn’t going to happen since sanding you have to be super careful to not loose your primer. But in my opinion the moderate brush strokes make it seem more like actual wood under there.

Dresser we painted

This post is partying here.

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  1. Very nice! Good choice in the paint color.

  2. This looks great! I will be taking your advice on this! Great job!

    1. It's a lot easier than you think, if I hadn't gotten drippy on my first coat of paint and had to sand, I probably could have skipped the second!

      Thanks for dropping by!