Tip: Steam folds out of cheap rugs

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2 VariousToday’s hint  comes from hitting the decent looking cheap rugs that the cats can destroy without me caring jackpot at Ross and TJ Maxx. The problem, they had been folded forever and wouldn't lay flat, and the housewarming was the next day. (Side note: anyone else find much better than TJ’s housewares deals at Ross? Every once in a while I make out well there).
What I did was fire up the steamer, hooked the rug to a skirt hanger, and went at it on both sides (rubber backed).
I switched between the rugs I was doing, and just kept at it, letting the steam relax the rubber and fibers.

Steam the folds from cheap rugs

Soo nice and flat, added bonus, since it’s flat the cats don’t bother it.


I had less luck with this super cheap Jute style rug, but it’s at least a little better.
This method worked great on a typical carpet bath rug as well.
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  1. SMART! My mom had a rug with a fold that we just tripped over for years. If only I had known then what I know now....

    Stopping by from Keeping it Simple's Motivate Me Monday :)

  2. Problem solving and blogging. They just go together and it is what I love about blog world. :D Thanks for sharing.

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