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So I had to share tonight’s #BloggerProblem with those who would understand.

Yesterday I found these medical cabinets at the Nashville Flea Market ($100 for the pair).

Yesterday evening I already had them cleaned and dismantled. Sadly the hardware didn’t clean up with Brasso =(

Today during lunch I checked out the 5” boring hardware options at Home Depot, there weren’t many…

Tonight I sanded off their finish….

Then with the combo of sanding, using a finer grit than I really should have, cause I really really wanted to get them sanded tonight, and my generous coating of OFF Deep Woods bug spray (read about mosquito attack here)… I ended up coated in the black paint I was removing…


It was all worth it though… cause I’m a couple tac cloths away from painting =)

Do you ever get sooo excited about a project that you just can’t wait?!?

Additional Note in between all this I also…

7 Kitchen Project

On Friday during a lunch time ‘aerobic antiquing’ event I found this for the kitchen, Monday I went back measured it, decided it would fit, and bought it. Tonight before the sanding adventure I wiped the whole thing down and moved all the stuff into it.

Oh I also got new knobs for my Ikea TV stand while at Home Depot and put those one, they are a similar style to the ones on my Martha Stewart console, and really tie the room together, plus my TV stand looks less Ikea with the nonstandard knobs, yay for a $6 upgrade!

So basically the past two days have been super house productive, actually the past few months have been but I just haven’t had a chance to tell y’all about them, no worries though I took lots of pictures, and will catch up soon!

Tuesday Morning Update (The above was written Monday night):

Woke up at 3 AM covered in mosquito bites… yeah today’s gonna be fun on 4 hours of sleep plus 2 kinda sleeping hours…

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