Frosted Garage Windows for Security

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We have a side load garage in our 1950s home. The front side is covered by a hill, but on the back we have a great window and door with a window up top.

These windows peer right into the garage, aren’t very visible from any other windows, and is on the opposite side of the house from our master bedroom… so we needed a privacy and security option as our garage tool collection expands.

I thought about doing blinds, but blinds in the garage always get icky, and since the window is set in cinderblock it wasn’t a simple hang.

I used the frosted glass spray paint for the bathroom medicine cabinet and was really impressed with the ease so we decided to give it a shot. What nice about going the spray paint route instead of the chemical glass etching route is if we change our minds, we can remove the ‘etching’ with acetone and be back where we were.

We used the Rust-oleum Specialty Frosted Glass spray and were happy with it. (I found mine at Wal-Mart)



1. Clean – Since we were working with a garage location I started by vacuuming the sills, then I cleaned with Windex, then I wiped them down with some rubbing alcohol as well, the cleaner the surface the more even the look.

2. Tape off – While the paint is transparent it will give non glass surfaces a matte finish so I taped off all the trim.

3. Spray – Using one of those clip on spray guns to keep a steady pressure spray according to the cans directions, they are different than regular spray paint.  I used 3 coats for my windows and didn’t even finish a whole can.

We are really happy with the end result, it still allows for plenty of natural light to diffuse into the garage, helps block the direct sun that would heat up the garage, and it doesn't get nasty with spider webs.

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  1. great tip! I have the same problem and this is an excellent and easy fix!