DIY Tags for Sewing Projects with a Stamp

By October 01, 2013 ,

Custom-stamp-labels (1)

I’ve been wanting to make my own tags for what I sew for ages, I’ve toyed with all the ideas floating around, but knowing me, the cut up Spoonflower custom fabric route works better for flat applications like quilting, I couldn’t settle on one of the more basic woven kind so that put me into more custom woven and I knew with how much they were I’d be pretty stingy with them… especially since I wanted two types of labels: one for Hello Kirsti and one for stuff I sew for friends and family.

Thus I decided to go the stamp route, and I’m happy I did! I got some 1” twill tape in natural goes with anything as my standard base, but armed with my fabric paint stamp pad most anything can be a tag!

My extreme OCD has even let go of making sure each stamp is perfect… it adds to the handcrafted nature right?!

For mine I ordered the custom stamp online, and I rigged my design as a twofer, the way I laid out the stamp. I dunno if I’d combo it again, since they weren’t that expensive and you have to be more careful with the combo, but it does work.

I just stamp away, press with an iron to set, then trim them down with pinking shears to complete the look.IMG_5019

Custom-stamp-labels (5)
In action!

In the same order I also got a Hello Kirsti embossing plate so now I can ship my shop orders in style! No paper in the house is safe!


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