Preppy Monogram Applique Shirt

By October 07, 2014 , , ,

Reagans-monogram-tshirt (10)Mini Bestie just turned one! Since she’s a 1/2 Florida Girl she definitely needed a Lilly Pulitzer inspired monogram tee to make it through Raleigh’s winter.

I used Hooked on Applique’s pointed circle monogram paired with a pink and white floral print.

To further embellish the long sleeve black tee I added oink ric-rack to the bottom and a decorative stitch to the cuffs. Too cozy and cute, not too bad for my first attempt at a full blown applique tee with my new Brother Dreamweaver XE.

Reagans-monogram-tshirt (1)Reagans-monogram-tshirt (2)Reagans-monogram-tshirt (3)Reagans-monogram-tshirt (4)Reagans-monogram-tshirt (5)Reagans-monogram-tshirt (6)Reagans-monogram-tshirt (7)

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