New Mom Realities Part 1

By October 19, 2016 ,

6 weeks into this Mommy thing, I’ve learned a few things that will make my Mommy friends laugh… I thought I stayed pretty ‘grounded’ with my preggo ideas thanks to my awesome Mom-tribe but somethings you just discover…
1. My super cute West Elm had to have shelf brackets…yeah they are really just glorified soggy clothing items now…
Granted this has worked out well for rotating between two different cloth diaper covers… I can always find it!New mommy reality, west elm brackets = blowout drying rack
2. My nails haven’t been this short since I played piano in the seventh grade… first time you scratch your babe you’ll be nail clipping!shortest finger nails since 7th grade piano
3. Even if your rings managed to stay fitting throughout your pregnancy (mine did) you probably won’t wear them for a while because you’re mostly home, it’s easy to scratch him with it, and the prongs snag muslin blankets really easily!
4. If you want a photo in xyz outfit take it right away… some days your laundry pile might look like this…
One days outfits
5. Sometimes none of your ‘tricks’ work and it’s hard, but you’ll get through it!
6. You might actually dig the granny panties you bought for post-partum at home…
7. You have never felt love this deep in all your life!

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