Five Surprising Changing Table Essentials

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A cute wipe-able placemat on your changing table gives you a perfect place to set the dirty diaper, wipe, and blow-out disaster onesies. Protects your dresser from that soggy diaper you never put in the pail. If you have a theme you might be able to even find a coordinating one.

We have an Ikea dresser so the constant cleaning would definitely ruin the delicate surface. We cloth diaper part time and this is also great to have a surface to squirt water onto the wipe.

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2. Flashlight

We don’t exactly design our changing stations with the task lighting we need, so I keep a little flashlight in the drawer so I can check and see if that is the beginning of rash so I can tackle it early on! Good for middle of the night poopy changes too where you’re trying to keep it as dim as possible.5-surprising-changing-table-essentials (16)

3. Bum Brush, not really unexpected but awesome

So I laughed at this but it really is helpful and pays for itself in saved cream since you’re not coating your fingers just to wash it off. It EVEN saves you TIME because getting cream off takes forever. PLUS with your placemat it’ll suction great! (Note: I’ve seen this in several stores locally lately even my Kroger so look there too)5-surprising-changing-table-essentials (11)

4. Stain Treater

I don’t have a favorite for battling stains yet, but I do like having a treatment right at the changing table, I treat while I have two hands and then drop it off at the kitchen sink to deal with later. Currently I use Grandma’s at the changing table since it’s a nice small bottle and then use some dish soap in the sink.5-surprising-changing-table-essentials (14)

5. Paper Towels

If I know a diaper is gonna be a big mess I add a paper towel on top of my Munchkin changing pad liner, especially good in the early days of messy meconium. I don’t keep a whole roll in there but I always have a few sheets folded in the drawer ready to grab.

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What are your changing table essentials? Do you even use yours? Since his nursery is right off our kitchen we use it pretty much always.

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