Getting Organized with Wunderlist

By February 25, 2017 ,

In our last meeting my Mothers of Preschoolers Group (MOPS) talked about organization, it was great to hear what works well for other families, and definitely spurred that I should share what works well for Andrew and I.

For lists of all kinds Andrew and I utilize the To-Do List app Wunderlist . In fact I LOVED Wunderlist so much I got work hooked on it and they still use it for all their projects today.


What’s Great About It:

  • Shared Lists, you can see who made what. can assign tasks
  • Phone app and web app – you can do the heavy set up on your computer one day but then only use your phone for the rest
  • Customizable reminders but only when you want them – you can  set specific reminder times for your due dates, but it doesn’t automatically turn those on!
  • Customizable recurring tasks – lots of options for repeating tasks to fit whatever the scenario


  • Folders – Group lists like shopping lists for specific stores in one folder.


How we use it:

I say to Andrew I’m headed to xyz store, he can add items to the list as I’m in the store and I can check them off.

Best of all this is everything you can do with the FREE version of Wunderlist, lots of these features only come with the paid version of other apps.

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