Favorite Bargain Shopping Sites

By May 23, 2010 ,

I'm also posting this as a page on HelloKirsti.com for easy reference and updates. These sort of sites are popping up like wildfire, I'll keep the page current with what I think is worth shopping.

I'm well known among my friends as a great bargain hunter, here's some of the ways I do that online.

Percent Back on Purchases Sites

Use http://evreward.com/ to find out which program offers the most back on where you're shopping, then join from the links below.

There are others but ebates and bigcrumbs, and Bing cashback are my favorites, plus they tend to be the largest percentage.

Deal Sites

Local Deals

A daily discounted gift certificate or service from a local business in your area. I've gotten lots a great stuff from cake decorating classes to discounted museum tickets from Groupon.

Half off at least gift certificates for your Metro area.

Fashion & Home

One of the original "invite" shopping sites.

Lots of stuff, one of my favorites.

Home decor stuff, pretty pricey still, but very cool stuff.

Tons of stuff, lots of different price levels

Others I'm not as crazy about but you might like:

This one is very trendy and lesser known designers it seems.

What I like about Beyond the Rack is they ave a good mix of high end but also some more "normal" brands at great prices, the best of both worlds.

Ideeli has gotten a lot of press, I don't really like how they have a pay for early access program, but I guess it's a smart business move. They do get good stuff, and have a lot of sales going on.

Lots of stuff, sadly can't sort items within a boutique, like that they have a "last call area" Good brands available.

This site is cool because they have a wide variety of stuff, it's a nice design as well, plus they have various email options so you know about the sales but aren't bombarded

Sample Sales right from the "sets" might be cool might be lame

Less sales going on, but that makes it easier, plus they go as high as 85% off which more than most.

They go up to 90% off and have last call reductions

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