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To start this off I'm in no way affiliated with SodaStream, I just simply love their product.  

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What is it?
Soda Stream has been around since 1903 (Wikipedia) It's essentially an at home carbonator, allowing you to carbonate water and then add one of their 30 some odd flavors. What's great about soda stream is that it allows you to carbonate at home for about $100 as opposed to a soda fountain which costs $2.4K and up (Soda Bar System)
Hello Kirsti's Thoughts
SodaStream is great as a way to reduce how much recycling you drag to the curb, and a great way to make grocery shopping easier (and lighter), per what I've calculated it SodaStream cost wise works out to be about the same as CocaCola or Pepsi products. All their flavors are pretty close to their National Brand counterparts, the cola tastes most like a cross between Coke and Pepsi.

Why I Love It
I love not having to bother with buying coke at the store and lugging those 12 packs up my townhouse stairs. Plus I love have the massive variety of soda flavors available especially the variety of caffeinated and caffeine free. I also like that all their diet drinks (which their are lots of) are flavored with Splenda. Plus theirs nothing better than having a tummy ache and knowing you can make some club soda or ginger-ale right then. It's great for parties too since you have on demand mixers, they even have a tonic and diet tonic syrup.  I also like that I can make a 16 oz serving or a liter depending on my mood, the little bottles are great for when you're on the go, and fit in the cupholder in my car.

My Favorite Flavors
(Ok I love a lot of them, but they are great)
Let it be known that I've had nothing I thought was bad.
  1. Diet Cranberry Raspberry (Totally awesome and refreshing)
  2. Diet Cola (of course)
  3. Diet Peach Tea
  4. Diet Energy
  5. Diet Ginger-Ale
  6. Diet Lemonade

The Soda Making Process

Pick a Flavor (It can be hard at times)
Take a chilled bottle (nalgene like) and screw it into the soda maker.
Press the button three times until it buzzes releasing the gas into the bottle
Shake your chosen flavor up good (Diet Pink Grapefruit featured)
Carefully pour into the odd detergent like cap up to the line
Slowly pour into the club soda, too fast and it'll fizz up
Fizz from adding the syrup
Normally it's no mess, but taking photos and pouring isn't my strong suit, if you do make a mess always use paper towels, I learned the hard way...
Pour your own refreshing glass of homemade soda

All these steps make it look super lengthy but I wanted to give you all a full look at how it works, it only takes a minute or two.

If you have any questions about SodaStream leave me a comment or shoot me an email =)

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