HK Blogger Pick of the Week - The Pioneer Woman Cooks

By May 21, 2010

GoogleReader tells me I follow 203 some odd RSS Feeds across the interwebs, yikes!
I'm hoping a lot of those are just dead feeds, or random stuff, but it did spur a great idea, a weekly "Follow Friday" of sorts from my vast collection of blog-o-sphere loves.
The Blog: The Pioneer Woman Cooks!
The Feed: FeedBurner Feed

Who is she:
Ree Drummond is a ranch wife who chronicles her life in in rural Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and her transformation from city girl to country girl. She's published a cookbook now and won a Bloggie.
What she talks about: 
The most amazing food ever. I'll warn you there is never anything healthy about what she makes, but her photos make you drool and not care. I've made tons of her recipes. I love how she posts photos along the way as she cooks, I find it incredibly helpful especially when trying to make something I've never made before. Plus she's hilarious, her narrative of the recipes are awesome.
Why she's worth reading:
Ummm if you like to cook/bake/or eat this is the blog for you.

Here are just some of her recipes I've cooked:

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