Loveless Cafe a Nashville visit must

By July 20, 2010 ,

The Loveless Cafe signImage via Wikipedia
My sorority sister from New Jersey who graduated last year, and who by far has the coolest job of my friends, working for a film company, came to visit last week and I had the opportunity to go grab lunch with her.

For once deciding where to go was easy, she hadn't been to Loveless Cafe this trip.

If you haven't been, you just must, let me show you why...
Amazing biscuits.
 Here we're doing a "biscuit toast" to the late biscuit lady Carol Fey Ellison who was a Nashville Icon.

Awesome southern fried chicken

Amazing sides
(Creamed corn, coleslaw, hash-brown casserole, mac and cheese, fried okra)

Possibly the world's longest sweet potato fry.

Loveless doesn't break the bank either, so enjoy!

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