80s Party Decor

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I threw Beau Andrew an 80's Party to celebrate his birthday last week, and couldn't resist making it blog worthy!
I used Punchbowl for the invites, due to my good experience with the Senior Sleepover,  the graphic was edited and uploaded by me:

The tag line was:  Feel free to don your best aqua net worthy duds, but it's totally rad to remain Total Recall 2010 as well =)
I had tons of fun planning the decor which included lots of fun stuff.
I used  the free site AsciiPoster.com to create ascii versions of photos of Andrew, Pepper, and I. I sized these to my existing frames so I just hung them over top.


I even opted for the 'window pane' look which saved me lots of cutting, I just lined up the pages and used clear tape to keep them together, plus this way they fold up nice.

Be careful putting them together...
I also created 'slipcovers' for 3 other frames in the room, I just used MS Publisher to create a four page poster and used large images from Google Image Search (Don't you just love the new version?!)

Before & After
I printed out the party 'logo' and taped scrap paper to the back to create this which I taped to the fireplace mirror

I printed 80s sayings and movie quotes in 80s fonts on colored paper, cut out, and taped around the room:

Pantry Door, Powder Room mirror
I also taped them to our mantel frames and the mirror
I made this banner in MS Publisher as well using this  Dot Matrix font, the Ray Ban art is from this coloring site

On to the food table.
Forks were tucked into a flower pot I had around lined with a towel and decorated with a crepe paper bow.

I made Mix Tape sign tents for all my dishes using various 80's style fonts. I found the cassette outline here.
I just cut them out and stuck them on folded card stock in various colors.

I used my Cupcake hole punch and a mini star punch to create confetti from scrap paper to decorate the table

Dressing Up
A few guests dressed up, so did Andrew and I

I donned my Vivienne Westwood Super Girl plastic heels.

A wore his Miami Vice Crockett  costume from a few Halloween's ago. Here he's playing some 80's tunes on his V-Drums.
Here we are at the end of the night, I even used Mom's old Pink Boss Crimper!

My favorite part of my DIY decor, it all reduced to this for storage:

I got the Sunglasses on Amazon here.

I created some printable 80's Goodies for y'all too!

Google Docs Download Links (Free downloads)
80s Mix tape Food Signs 80s Sayings

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  1. Could you possibly make those items available on google docs or just email them to me? I would love to use them but don't want to pay for the subscription just to download them. Thanks!


    1. Thanks for pointing this out Molly. Back when I posted this they did offer free downloads, how lame that they changed. Luckily as the content owner they let me download them for free, so I didn't have to hunt down the file. They are now posted on Google Docs, and linked above!
      Hope your party is totally rad!