Ode to Cake Wrecks

By September 23, 2010 ,

As I prepare to spend the day making The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever, That's the Best Frosting, I've Ever Had, Congo Bars, and Devil's Bugles for our 80s party tomorrow something hit me in the grocery store as I bought the assortment  of ingredients... wouldn't it all be simpler if I just made the party a Cake Wreck party.
My inspiration, drum roll please....

Diamond diamond on the cake who's the fairest of them all?

Check out those radical airbrushed rainbows

Whole table just waiting for a home with their manger's special tags.

Alas home baked is mighty tasty, hi ho hi ho it's off to bake a I go.

 If this post doesn't make much sense to you must go peruse the Cake Wrecks blog full of fantabulously horrible cakes. Also visit their HK Blogger Pick post here.

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