3rd Anniversary

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Last night Andrew and I celebrated the 3rd anniversary of our first date, which was at Bongo Java across from Belmont’s campus.
I made him a custom card of course, but for it to make sense I’ve gotta explain it a bit.

Andrew’s one 80’s lovin guy, remember that 80’s party I threw him last year?
Well one of his FAVORITE movies is Manhunter. In fact when I met him there was a Manhunter poster in his bathroom! Well his favorite song from Manhunter is Red 7’s Heartbeat, and it one of those tunes he’s constantly humming.
Listen you'll recognize it. Ok yeah it's not really what you think of as an anniversary song, no worries we listened to romantic Diana Krall in the car on the way to the restaurant.

Now on to the second half of the back story. Andrew is a VERY talented drummer, I’ve attempted to become one too…

so since that hasn’t worked out for me I’ve decided to become a drum tech pro instead, I can proudly say I can assemble and tear down most of his kit and tell you what the parts are.
Now combine those two things and you’ve got my inspiration for my super awesome anniversary card.

Front featuring his actual bass pedal (told ya I was a good tech)
listen-to-my-hear-beatInside (Featuring his favorite Dave Weckl sticks)

And of course he totally loved it!
We dined at the Capital Grill at the Hermitage Hotel downtown where we shared a rib eye (something I totally wouldn’t have eaten 3 year ago, such a good influence this guy is..)

Glen Leven Beef Filet

Jack Daniels Semifredo

Jack Daniel’s Semifreddo for dessert. Swoon

We made the major mistake of taking our picture after our food fest, when we were full and sleepy. This was the best of the bad, sorry A.

It was a wonderful day!!

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