Cricut Cake as a Cricut Expression

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So I nabbed the deal of the century $300 Cricut Cake for $50 free shipping, two cartridges no tax since they were in Utah!!! Yeah my inner bargain queen was jumping up and down!!

I’ve been eying Cricut and Silhouette cutter machines for ages, but as a recent graduate I couldn’t justify the $250-$300 purchase, especially not knowing how much I’d use it. (For those not in the know, think of it as a cutting printer…)

imageFrom this into that ==>image

How to make a Cricut Cake an Expression:
Just add two parts


With the purchase of a Deep Cut Blade and Housing (Blade it comes with is for gum paste not paper) and some sticky mats I have me a Expression which retails for $150-180ish ATM.  Retail for these pieces $29 and $12.99 but they do go on sale for 20%-30% at Michaels and Joann’s, also if not on sale you can use a coupon at Joann’s (only on Cricut Accessories)


I did some quick paper cuts with my Pooh Font cartridge I picked up for $12. (Note I got the Cricut Imagine mats since that was all Joann’s had, they work too)


I also tried my main goal, cutting fabric. I starched and interfaced some simple cotton fabric and tried to cut it, it works BEAUTIFULLY. (That bottom little K is only messed up because it was too close to the P)

Look forward to lots of adorable Christmas presents from my new toy!!

P.S. I have no association with the company I purchase my Cricut from, nor are they offering me anything for providing this link but I am really happy with my purchase and feel that a Cricut is well worth a $50 investments something to play with so get yours from . Please note their order processing  gets backed up from their awesome sales, and they ship FEDEX ground from Utah, so it’s gonna take a bit for it to come, but your savings and patience is well worth it!

If you have any questions please leave a comment and I’d be happy to answer them!

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