Monogrammed Guest Towels

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Applique Handtowel (4)
For Andrew’s parents and Granny this Christmas I made these monogrammed guest towels using applique from my cricut. This was a fun easy project, I got nice fluffy hand towels from TJ Maxx, and picked out Fat Quarters of fabric that matched their powder room d├ęcor.
I think they turned out pretty well, though nice fluffy towels, and super skinny letter S’s were probably not the best choice for my first attempts at doing satin stich applique. Applique Handtowel (1)

  1. Iron Sewable Heat n Bond to the back of your fabric
  2. Cut them using a Cricut or by hand using a freezer paper stencil.
  3. Attempt to iron onto the towel, but give up cause it’s a towel and your S is too skinny to grip.
  4. Decide to Pin it
  5. Satin stitch very very slowly all the way around
  6. Press and wrap them up!
Applique Handtowel (6)Applique Handtowel (7)Applique Handtowel (9)

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