Makeup & Brush Case Combo

By March 05, 2012 , ,

After a few prototypes I finally settled on a design for my ultimate in makeup cases with a brush area too, no more bringing a make up bag and a brush roll.

Full tutorial coming soon but this was too cute no to share, and I’ll give you the tips and dimensions if you wanna brave its tutorialess.

All of Andrew’s sister’s favorite colors!Makeup-and-brush-case-2
The perfect combo of pockets and brush space.
The gathered pocket for your makeup is 6” deep.
Elastic Hairband attached with floss for the button loop.

Brush pocket is 4” high.
10” high, 13” wide. Interfaced with heavy pellon.

Don’t sew but love the idea of a combination makeup bag? Email me Kirstin[at], I’d love to create one for you!

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