Portable Elliptical Review & Mind over Matter Update

By March 12, 2012 ,

Sooo remember I started off the year with this post, and graphic?
Well it’s working, down 15 pounds since January, this last bit has been sloooow. I have been super good about logging my Cals in MyFitnessPal, the phone app really helps make it easy!
Now that I’m working from home I spend my days ‘hamster’ wheeling as I call it…
It’s not actually a hamster wheel, it’s a ‘portable elliptical’ which you can do standing (work that core balancing) or sitting. Portable-Elliptical (2)
Did you know such a thing existed?  Neither did I until a Alpha Gam sister posted hers on FB (Thanks Ann Marie for helping me “To develop and prize health and vigor of body.” =).
I have mine set up under my desk most of the time. While you’re obviously not ‘doing as much’ by sitting and doing it, it’s still far better than nothing, and the resistance does go pretty high, and you do ‘feel it’ that night and the following day.

Portable-Elliptical (1)It even has a built in computer with time, distance, and few other things, I ‘hamstered’ for 3 hours over the course of a whole day last week!
Overall I really like it, you’ll eventually get to the point where you don’t have to ‘think’ about the pedaling. 
Portable-Elliptical (3)
I got mine on Amazon, free shipping is key, it’s pretty heavy. It comes like this and is super easy to put together. I paid $90 and definitely feel it was work that, it is very solidly built, far than the infomercial type equipment out there. Best part I don’t have to worry about moving a giant treadmill or elliptical.
The Elliptical arrives like this, then Less than 5 minutes later…Portable-Elliptical-put-together
If you think this might work for you but have any questions let me know, I’ll happily answer them =)
Note: I bought this item personally, Amazon, and Stamina fitness have no clue who I am, I just bought their product in hope of it working for me, and it has so I’m sharing it here in hopes that maybe it can help you too.

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