Bachelorette Party Dress Up Veils Tutorial

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We couldn’t let Bride Becca have all the fun at the Bachelorette Party, so I outfitted all the Bridesmaids with veils too. (See the Lilly Pulitzer Bridal Shower here, then get the free printables here)
  • 3 Shades of Tulle, about 3/4 yard each per 2 veils. (The Brides I made a little longer than the rest about 36”, these veils were made using white, pale pink, and hot pink tulle).
  • 3” of 1.5” Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Barrette Clip
1. Line up your 3 layers, then fold the yardage in half. Measure down about 26” and cut, using a rotary cutter really helps. Unfold, and cut down the fold. Now you have two pieces approximately 23”x 26” if you used 56” wide tulle.
2. Square up your edges and pin.
3. Sew a gathering stitch: Set your sewing machine tension to 1 and your stitch length to 3 or more, and don’t backstitch .  Sew across the the top edge.
4. Cut your grosgrain ribbon a little longer than your barrette.
5. Pull the bobbin thread to gather the tulle to be a little skinnier than the length of your grosgrain ribbon.
6. Sew your gathers: Set your sewing machine to normal length and tension, then sew your gathered tulle. Pull out your gathering stitches.
7. Sandwich your tulle within your ribbon, by folding the ribbon over the top edge of the tulle. Stitch the sandwich shut, back stitching the ends.
(If you can’t get your tulle to stay in your sandwich, you can use the ‘binding method’ by stitching the tulle to one side, then folding it over, and stitching again, I did this since I have to two nice white stripes to hide my stitches for me). Party-Veil-Tutorial
8. Trim the ribbon using a hot cutter or scissors and fray check.
9. Hand stitch the barrette on, being careful not to stitch into the top layer of ribbon. Party-Veil-Tutorial-005
10. Round and even up the bottom edges if you like.
11. Rock your party like the Diva you are!

This post is partying here.

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  1. This is so cute and with your barrette idea it looks so simple. Never thought of pink tulle. Thanks for sharing this week on BeColorful.