Lilly Pulitzer Derby Bridal Shower Decor

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As you know Bestie is getting MARRIED in July. The other Maids and I threw a wonderful Shower and Bachelorette party the weekend of Cinco De Mayo in her hometown of Fort Lauderdale. After settling on a Lilly Pulitzer & Derby Day theme since it was held on the same day as the Kentucky Derby.
Like all great events it started with the invitation.
I used some goodies from my Lilly Pulitzer Wallpaper Collection, added some grosgrain, and a julep cup silhouette. I also made matching Thank You cards, which turned out super cute! (You can download these from my Lilly Pulitzer Party Printables Post).

For the favors Brides Maid Hannah found great handled Mason Jars to serve as cups and favors as well. I used some awesome white with gold bamboo contact paper I found at TJ Maxx to cut all the Guest’s initials in the font from the Invitation (CAC Pinafore). This worked out great since we all arrived in Fort Lauderdale about 12 hours before the shower the next day, we were able to quickly add the initials to the jars the morning of. I made special ones for the Bride and one that said Mom, which turned out super cute.
Using the ‘scrap area’ from my other cricut shower projects, I cut out lots of little shift dresses, horseshows, and hats, these worked great as scatters on all the surfaces to tie the party areas together.


Combined with a pink paper straw, a strawberry mojito, and a lime, it was perfectly Lilly!

It also made this awesome photo!
I created food label tents with Lilly ‘clipart’ I created layered on pink and green card stock of course. food labelsExtra mason jars wrapped in ribbon were the perfect accent to pink and green paper goods.
Bridesmaid Kelly arranged this cute and very tasty cake!

The final piece of d├ęcor was the banner, which made for the perfect ‘gift’ spot. I cut the shifts and horseshoes using the cricut, then I added the Bride & Groom’s initials and a heart in the bamboo contact paper. I attached them to the ribbon using baby clothes pins.
Up next, the Bachelorette and associated Tutorials!

Becca and her fabulous Maids
And of course, I’ll have to leave you with the obligatory toilet paper bride photo!

You can now get the printables from this party here!

Then check out how to make the Bridesmaids Veils for the Bachelorette, and the Sash. 

This post is partying here. Also linking at Bird's Party Blog.

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  1. Love this! You are amazing Kristi -- never did anything as awesome as this...looking back I was probably the worst bridesmaid ever ; )

    1. Thanks Chris, it was a lot of fun! Party blogs and Pinterest have definitely upped the anty for Bridesmaids!

  2. This is so fun. I had read your post about the printables but didn't have time to click back through to this post then. Love the theme and the hats are spectacular. Then that photo of the toilet paper brides. :D Too good.
    Thanks for stopping by BeColorful and leaving a comment. It brought me back over here and I'm glad that it did.

  3. What a fun idea and very creative!

  4. Love all you ladies dressed up and fancy! :)

    Thanks you so much for taking the time to link up to our link party to Bird's Party linky!!

    BTW, if you fancy linking again, we're having a link party today!! ;)


  5. This was absolutely fabu!!! Yes, I'm almost a year late but I just found ya...I get a pass right?