Anniversary Gift, Card & a Engagement Story

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On Saturday Andrew & I celebrated the fourth anniversary of our first date. On Friday night, Anniversary Eve, we went to dinner with his parents and hung out for a bit. As we were leaving Andrew A.K.A. “Coffee Fein” said he was craving a ‘tasty coffee drink’ and suggested we go to Bongo Java, the coffee house where we had our first date. I was surprised but went with it, looking up when they closed on my phone. It was 9:36 and their site said they closed at 10 since Belmont’s classes hadn’t started, Andrew said “Well lets try anyway” much to my surprise (The site Andrew looked at earlier said they closed at 11).  We get to Bongo’s interstate exit at 9:55 and Andrew takes the exit, at this point I know something is up. We get a parking spot easily, and walk over to the coffee house just barely before 10, we sneak in the door and grab some iced coffees and then sit outside on their patio where we talked forever on our first date. We talk for a bit about our first date and the funny things that happened like my Dad calling me right in the middle of it. Then Andrew keeps messing with the toe box of his shoe, being me of course I go total “mom mode” and pester him about cutting his nails etc. After playing with his shoe some more, he gets up to ‘inspect it further’ and he’s down on one knee, with the “dream ring”. I of course say “yes” grinning ear to ear.  We then finished up our coffees and took a walk around the empty Belmont campus (where I went to college) and sit and chat in one of the Gazebos that dot the main quad, staring down every 3 seconds at my new “sparkly”. the-ring-2-hello-kirsti


On our anniversary morning I surprised A with a crockpot breakfast casserole, a card, and his mug.

I got the mug idea from the sharpie mug pinterest thing, some googling revealed that the sharpie only lasted 2 runs in the dishwasher so I went the ceramic paint route, a little harder to paint than draw but I was able to start over by wiping the wet paint off with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel.


I used the website Note Flight to ‘compose’ the music for the mug, Andrew’s a musician who plays drums and trumpet, and his nick name is A Sharp, so I started it off with A sharp note, I used a Scrabble dictionary to figure out what words I could make with A-G and decaf popped up, and the irony of “A Sharp Decaf” was born. Ever the perfectionist Andrew played ‘his song’ on his trumpet and felt something was missing, so some more playing with noteflight we created a great collaboration you can see here. 4/4  time of course for our fourth anniversary!  Custom-Ceramic-Music-Gift-Mug  Custom-Ceramic-Music-Gift-Mug-001

I used my Cricut and the Shark Army font to create this card based on this pin. I used one of my favorite handy sites to figure out the times, Andrew thought it was totally fitting since I am “statistic fact girl”. (Check out last year’s drum inspired card in my 3rd Anniversary post.)


Saturday morning after coffee we headed over to his folks to hang out and make the calls to family and such.


That night after a week of joking about how Andrew had got us reservations at Shoney’s we enjoyed a wonderful meal at a ‘new to us’ restaurant, The Palm. It was delicious! I even got to wear my dress!


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  1. Ahhh- that's so fantastic!! Congratulations sweet girl! Your ring is stunning!


  2. Congratulations!! Happy planning!

    1. Thank you Ali, I'm sure the planning will be well documented here. I won't be able to resist!

  3. What a cute story! Love it -- congratulations on your anniversary.

  4. Love it. The card is absolutely perfect. Very Kirsti. and A did a great job with the ring of course. Congrats bestie!!!

  5. You are so creative! Loved the story! Congratulations!!

  6. THat was all so awesome. His proposal and your card to him. Congrats and enjoy everything.

  7. I know this is a super weird comment given the much more exciting topic at hand, but your hair looks AMAZING in that first picture and I just had to tell you.

    Love the ring, love how happy you are, CONGRATULATIONS dollface! I'm so excited for you.