Moving Announcement Design

By August 27, 2012 ,

Bestie moved from Virginia Beach to Raleigh right before her wedding, with just a prompt of here’s the address I set off to design something. Taking a little inspiration from the Save the Date I designed (see it here) I came up with this.
Well actually I came up with this obnoxiously colored version of it… (We’ll call it classic Kirsti Easter egg color pairings) Bestie’s color choices suit it much better. The dotted line even follows the interstates =)
Raleigh 1 copy
Here’s the cute one I made for her last move.

If you’re interested in either design I’m happy to provide you a ready to print version for very nominal cost, just email me at to learn more.

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  1. These are adorable!! You're incredibly creative! Found you on the Keeping it Simple link up. Have a great Monday!


  2. These are so cute! Love the idea. Maybe for when we move next year :)

  3. Anybody that is moving is going to want to snap these right up. Well done. So glad you shared them.